Otaiot specializes in drone technology for autonomous air missions. The company has developed products including a drone and base station unit, an autonomous flight controller, and a central arial system for airborne drone management.

The Otaiot autonomous flight controller comprises three layers: an autonomous flight layer, a communication layer, and a layer for add-ons. The company’s central arial system is responsible for managing multiple drones in the air.

Power free clean energy operation.

Otaiot Base Unit

Otaiot Base Unit enable autonomous take off and landing along with meteorology monitoring and battery charge management.


Otaiot Autonomous Drone


Otaiot Dashboard And Mobile App

Otaiot Dashboard App enable the customer to see the drone real time operation, to get the data from the drone and to instruct the drone for different action.

The Dashboard App is available on any device.

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Israchem March 12-13 Tel Aviv convention center pavillon 10

EuropeDays March 19 Tel Aviv 

Dubnov Gallery

Future AI March 27  Rishon Lezion

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IOT Tech Expo Global April 25-26


IOT World May 13-16

Santa Clara,CA

Custom made drones for different autonomous functions.

Drones are equipped with sensors and HD camera along with AI in real time.  

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